全球网站访问量100强排行榜1. Yahoo! Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager. www.yahoo.com - Site info 2. Google Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology. www.google.com - Site info 3. Microsoft Network (MSN) Dialup access and content provider. www.msn.com - Site info 4. Yahoo!カテゴリ 有料審査制のディレクトリ。ウェブサービスの形でAPIを公開。 www.yahoo.co.jp - Site info 5. Baidu.com 全球最大中文搜索引擎,向人们提供简单、可依赖的信息获取方式。 The leading Chinese language search engine, provides “simple and reliable” search experience. www.baidu.com - Site info 6. 新浪新闻中心 包括即日的国内外不同类型的新闻与评论,人物专题,图库。 www.sina.com.cn - Site info 7. EBay International person to person auction site, with products sorted into categories. www.ebay.com - Site info 8. Myspace Social Networking Site. www.myspace.com - Site info 9. 搜狐 资源导航为主要业务的门户网站,经营综合性业务,社区,无线等增值服务。 www.sohu.com - Site info 10. 腾讯网(http://www.qq.com) 掌握即时新闻资讯,体验全面娱乐产品 www.qq.com - Site info 11. Passport.net www.passport.net - Site info 12. Amazon.com Amazon.com, a Fortune 500 company based in Seattle, opened its virtual doors on the World Wide Web in July 1995 and today offers Earth's Biggest Selection. Amazon.com seeks to be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices. Amazon.com and sellers list millions of unique new and used items in categories such as apparel and accessories, electronics, computers, kitchenware and housewares, books, music, DVDs, videos, cameras and photo items, toys, baby items and baby registry, software, computer and video games, cell phones and service, tools and hardware, travel services, magazine subscriptions and outdoor living items. Site has numerous personalization features and services including one-click buying, extensive customer and editorial product reviews, gift registries, gift certificates, wish lists, restaurant and movie listings, travel, and photo processing. www.amazon.com - Site info 13. 网易 中国最大的网络社区和门户网站 www.163.com - Site info 14. Microsoft Corporation Official homepage of Microsoft Corporation www.microsoft.com - Site info 15. 雅虎新闻 包括新闻精选专题,新闻漫画,军事报道,媒体观点、评论等。 www.yahoo.com.cn - Site info 16. Google UK The local version of this pre-eminent search engine, offering UK-specific pages as well as world results. www.google.co.uk - Site info 17. Wikipedia A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software. (GNU Free Documentation License). www.wikipedia.org - Site info 18. Google 日本 多言語対応サーチエンジンの日本版。ウェブ、イメージおよびニュース検索、Usenet掲示板。 www.google.co.jp - Site info 19. Blogger.com Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP. www.blogger.com - Site info 20. BBC Online The BBC Homepage - Your gateway to BBC Online www.bbc.co.uk - Site info 21. 淘宝网 包括电脑通讯、男士和女士用品、书籍音像、运动用品、游戏装备等商品拍卖,还有相关的社区交流,同时提供支付宝网上交易安全保证系统。 www.taobao.com - Site info 22. CNN - Cable News Network Includes US and international stories and analysis, weather, video clips, and program schedule. www.cnn.com - Site info 23. 네이버 통합 검색과 디렉토리, 웹페이지, 해외사이트, 멀티미디어, 뉴스 검색을 지원하는 검색 포털. www.naver.com - Site info 24. Go A searchable directory, news, stocks, sports and free e-mail. www.go.com - Site info 25. AOL America On Line's portal, offering search, shopping, channels, chat and mail. www.aol.com - Site info 26. Craigslist.org www.craigslist.org - Site info 27. EBay UK Person to person online auction site where you can buy or sell new and used items. www.ebay.co.uk - Site info 28. The Internet Movie Database Features plot summaries, reviews, cast lists, and theatre schedules. www.imdb.com - Site info 29. Alibaba.com Import and export trade leads and opportunities. www.alibaba.com - Site info 30. TOM.COM 中文门户网站,包括新闻、体育、娱乐、财经、汽车、游戏等资讯,1.5G超大免费邮箱,论坛、聊天、相册、贺卡、BLOG等社区产品,短信、彩信、手机游戏等无线增值业务 www.tom.com - Site info 31. Google España Buscador que enfoca sus resultados para este país y a nivel internacional tanto en castellano, catalán, gallego, euskara e inglés. www.google.es - Site info 32. 楽天市場 各種の通販サイトをバーチャル店舗として入居させているショッピングモール。オークションや共同購入も開催。 www.rakuten.co.jp - Site info 33. Livedoor Free internet access, homepage space, and e-mail. Information in English is available. www.livedoor.com - Site info 34. Google Suche im gesamten Web, in deutschsprachigen sowie in deutschen Seiten. Zusätzlich ist eine Bildersuche, eine Newsarchiv-Suche (ehemals dejanews) sowie ein Katalog vorhanden. www.google.de - Site info 35. N.TOP 걸어다니는 네트워크 www.nate.com - Site info 36. Google.ca www.google.ca - Site info 37. 다음daum No. 1 우리 인터넷. 무료 이메일 서비스, 온라인 쇼핑, 동호회 서비스 www.daum.net - Site info 38. Mixi ソーシャルネットワークサイト。メッセージ交換、日記、コミュニティ作成、友人紹介機能。 www.mixi.jp - Site info 39. 搜狗(SOGOU.com) 全球首个中文网页收录量达到10亿的搜索引擎。同时提供新闻搜索、音乐搜索、购物搜索,地图搜索等专项搜索服务。为网民提供方便快捷的信息获取方式。The first search engine in the world that has recorded 1 billion Chinese language index pages, Sogou offers news search, music search, shopping search, mapping search etc., providing fast and convenient information inquiry services for millions of internet users. www.sogou.com - Site info 40. Google.fr Version française, possibilité de limiter la recherche aux sites hébergés sur des serveurs situés en France. www.google.fr - Site info 41. Google Türkiye Sade yapısıyla etkili sonuçlar veren arama motoru. Hesap makinesi, grafik arama, araç çubuğu gibi hizmetler sunmakta. www.google.com.tr - Site info 42. 3721网络实名 提供相关插件,可以通过地址栏实现中文搜索。 www.3721.com - Site info 43. Comcast.net www.comcast.net - Site info 44. Apple Computer, Inc. Apple's main homepage. www.apple.com - Site info 45. 猫扑网 中国第一互动娱乐门户 -- Happy Media www.mop.com - Site info 46. Xanga Personal publishing. Free weblogs. www.xanga.com - Site info 47. Adult Friendfinder Personal adverts with pictures and chat. [Membership] www.adultfriendfinder.com - Site info 48. ChinaRen中国人 年轻人的门户 华人最大的青年社区www.chinaren.com www.chinaren.com - Site info 49. Geocities 15 Mb with 3Gb monthly bandwidth limit. Banner or Pop-up ads on each page. Browser or FTP uploads. On-line editor. CGI scripts: counter and guestbook. URL: 'http://www.geocities.com/yoursite/'. www.geocities.com - Site info 50. The New York Times Online edition of the newspaper's recent content with searchable archives for a fee. [Registration required] www.nytimes.com - Site info 51. CNET.com Reviews, news, and prices on tech products, as well as free downloads and newsletters. www.cnet.com - Site info 52. Ebay Deutschsprachiger eBay-Marktplatz. Kaufen und Verkaufen zu Festpreisen und bei Onlineauktionen. www.ebay.de - Site info 53. YouTube YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide! www.youtube.com - Site info 54. Thefacebook An online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges. FAQ, news coverage, schools covered, and terms of use. www.facebook.com - Site info 55. Dell Computers Online Name brand computer retailer. Ability to custom build and order a system on-line. www.dell.com - Site info 56. 無名小站 Photo Album and Blog 網路相簿及網路日誌 www.wretch.cc - Site info 57. About A network of sites where visitors can find many targeted topic areas, each one managed by a personal guide. www.about.com - Site info 58. جوجل السعودية محرك بحث جوجل مع خدمة تخصيص البحث في المواقع السعودية www.google.com.sa - Site info 59. Goo辞書 三省堂が提供するEXCEED英和と和英、大辞林、およびデイリー新語辞典を提供。 www.goo.ne.jp - Site info 60. 万网先锋音乐网(Http://www.233100.com) 万网先锋音乐网(Http://www.233100.comwww.126.com - Site info 61. MSN Japan マイクロソフトが運営。ニュース、ショッピング、Hotmail、メッセンジャーサービスの入口。 www.msn.co.jp - Site info 62. Orkut.com www.orkut.com - Site info 63. 中华网 综合互联网公司,提供新闻、军事、体育、科技、娱乐、教育等资讯内容。 www.china.com - Site info 64. LiveJournal.com Opensource project. A service for creating and customizing a journal on the web. Download an executable tool to update your journal without being connected to the site. Additional features with paid account. www.livejournal.com - Site info 65. Weather.com Offers forecasts for cities worldwide as well as radar and satellite maps. Also includes news stories and allergy information. www.weather.com - Site info 66. Google Versione italiana del popolare motore e directory. Utilizza inoltre i dati di ODP. www.google.it - Site info 67. Fastclick An online advertising agent that provides products, such as Ad Network and AdServer, to ensure optimal output and performance for its clients. www.fastclick.com - Site info 68. MapQuest Find directions for and explore towns and cities worldwide. Display addresses on a map, view nearby businesses, get driving directions and maps, and plan a trip with city information. Also includes aerial photographs of selected areas. www.mapquest.com - Site info 69. Infoseek Japan 日本語版インフォシーク。ロボット型サーチエンジンと、特選サイトのディレクトリ。 www.infoseek.co.jp - Site info 70. Free Fournisseur d'accès ADSL et bas débit RTC. Propose la téléphonie et la télévision par ADSL (modem Freebox). www.free.fr - Site info 71. Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions Provides marketing services for online businesses with search-based products and tools. www.overture.com - Site info 72. PC home 電腦報 網路家庭 [Taiwan] www.pchome.com.tw - Site info 73. Ebay易趣 提供电脑配件、手机数码、服装饰品、古玩收藏、游戏帐号及二手货的在线拍卖,房产租售信息发布,还有相关的社区交流。以安付通保障网上交易安全。 www.ebay.com.cn - Site info 74. Amazon.co.jp Amazon in Japan. Article descriptions are in Japanese, but account setup, shopping, and checkout available in English. www.amazon.co.jp - Site info 75. Google Australia Search the web from Google Australia's homepage. www.google.com.au - Site info 76. MOJO Works Provides online advertising, direct marketing and interactive marketing technologies. www.mediaplex.com - Site info 77. StatCounter.com Detailed visitor stats and a choice of graphical counters. An invisible counter is also available. www.statcounter.com - Site info 78. @nifty 大手パソコンネットのニフティサーブとプロバイダInfoWebの合併で誕生したプロバイダ。 www.nifty.com - Site info 79. - Site info 80. 新华网 中国新闻信息采集和发布中心,包括地方要闻、图片、各类专题报道和论坛。 www.xinhuanet.com - Site info 81. FC2 コントロールパネルを用意している。CGI、PHP、MySQLに対応。 www.fc2.com - Site info 82. Hi5.com www.hi5.com - Site info 83. 搜房网 大中华地区访问量最高的房地产家居类网站,覆盖了中国45个以上的大中型核心城市,拥有中国最大的房地产项目数据库,提供全国超过5万个楼盘项目的详细资料,拥有日均发帖20万条以上,中国最火的业主社区和论坛。 Soufun.com is the leading real estate and home related vertical portal in China. Soufun.com has grown rapidly to become a recognized professional authority with operations covering more than 45 major cities in China, serving real estate owners, developers, home furnishing and product providers. with up-to-date market data, information and the most comprehensive listing services of new and secondary properties. www.soufun.com - Site info 84. Match.com Personal ads with photos, anonymous email, advice and date ideas. www.match.com - Site info 85. Flickr Picture galleries available with social networking, chat, groups, and photo ratings. www.flickr.com - Site info 86. - Site info 87. Hao123.com www.hao123.com - Site info 88. 太平洋电脑网 提供电脑产品介绍、价格信息、企业名录及电脑知识和新闻。 www.pconline.com.cn - Site info 89. Friendster An online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating or making new friends. www.friendster.com - Site info 90. EarthLink, Inc. Provides nationwide Internet access and related services to individuals and businesses. Includes web mail, user start page, and resources. www.earthlink.net - Site info 91. CNET Download.com The site is one of the largest and most trusted sources of freeware, shareware, and other software downloads. www.download.com - Site info 92. Bank of America Nationwide bank. Includes product and service information, online banking and bank location finder. www.bankofamerica.com - Site info 93. Yieldmanager.com www.yieldmanager.com - Site info 94. - Site info 95. 中国搜索 提供mp3、Flash、新闻、图片、网站搜索。 www.zhongsou.com - Site info 96. 全球中文论坛网 含一些论坛的文摘精选、论坛导航和搜索服务,提供新闻媒体的娱乐休闲资讯。 www.chinabbs.com - Site info 97. Macromedia Macromedia provides a range of products for multimedia authoring and web development. Site contains extensive documentation and support for all software. www.macromedia.com - Site info 98. Netflix Rent DVDs by mail for a monthly fee. www.netflix.com - Site info 99. Mynet.com Mynet 4,5 milyon üyesi ile Türkiye'nin internet portalı. 35 farklı servis ve kanalı Türk tüketicisine sunan Mynet, Türkçe içerik arayan kullanıcıların internet üzerindeki tüm ihtiyaçlarını karşılıyor. Mynet is the biggest portal of Turkey with 4,5 milion of members. Mynet is satisfying Turkish internet users needs by 35 different Turkish content services. www.mynet.com - Site info 100. 21cn.com Internet media company, provides for the leading broadband entertainment portal,and offers comprehensive contents such as Chinese-language news,leisure,mailbox service, friendship community, web-radio and singers, lifestyle tips etc. www.21cn.com - Site info